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    Magnetic Material

    A magnet that can maintain its magnetism for a long time is called a permanent magnet. Such as natural magnet (magnetite) and artificial magnet (aluminum nickel cobalt alloy) and so on. In addition to permanent magnets, there are also electromagnets that need to be energized to be magnetic. Permanent magnets are also called hard magnets, which are not easy to lose magnetization and magnetization.

    Permanent magnets can be made in different shapes and sizes according to requirements, such as: disc, ring, counterbore, block, sector, and other shapes. In most cases, permanent magnets are coated to protect their surfaces from corrosion and improve their performance. In addition, there are many kinds of coatings, such as: uncoated, nickel, nickel-copper-nickel, zinc, gold, silver, epoxy resin, phosphating, chromium, nickel black nickel, rubber, nylon, etc.

    The use of permanent magnets (such as neodymium iron boron, ferrite, rubber magnets) has become more and more widespread, so it is used in various applications such as automobiles, new energy, communications, aerospace, medicine, advertising, culture, education and engines. The scope has greatly increased. In these fields, with strong technical advantages and efficient productivity, we provide customized and perfect solutions according to user requirements.

    According to customer requirements, we can also provide you with different magnetic components, magnetic tools and magnetic advertising supplies.

    If you need high-quality permanent magnets or technical services, please contact us.

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