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    The motor is an important branch of traditional electrical engineering. Since the 1990s, the pressure of energy and environment on humans has led to the rise of the concept of sustainable development, thereby promoting the rapid development of renewable energy technologies and clean energy technologies. All major industrial countries in the world regard new energy and renewable energy as the basic choice for sustainable development, and increase the development and application of wind power, solar energy, hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology, as well as the research and development of electric vehicles. The rapid development of science and technology in the 21st century, the continuous emergence of high and new technologies, and the increasing awareness of power saving and environmental protection have made the future of permanent magnet motors bright, especially in the field of high efficiency and energy saving. With the rapid development and maturity of technology, the structure type It will become more and more diversified, and it will also gain wider development space and wider application.


    With the rise of new energy sources such as wind energy and solar energy, rare earth permanent magnets have been widely used in generators of these new energy sources. The advantages of rare earth permanent magnet motors are high efficiency and low voltage ride through capability, which can play a major role in the field of new energy.

    In addition, the treatment effect and economic benefit of permanent magnet water processor on the descaling and anti-scaling of circulating water in solar hot water system are also very considerable.

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